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In January of 2008, Mayor Donnalee Lozeau launched a new initiative called "100 Days, 100 Ways" to celebrate her first 100 days in office and to create the opportunity for residents to become more involved in our community.  She also set up a link to make it easy for people to invite her to their events because she is always interested in what’s going on in the GateCity.

"100 Days, 100 Ways" turned out be a big success and she is still committed to keeping the spirit of that initiative alive.  Below you will find links to volunteer opportunities within city government and nonprofit agencies.

Thank you for considering volunteering your time and talents to the City of Nashua!

Volunteer opportunities with the City of Nashua:
The city of Nashua has many volunteer opportunities.  This link will direct you to a listing of City Boards and Commissions that includes descriptions, current members and other interesting details.  We hope to pique your interest in serving on one of our Committees!

Volunteer opportunities elsewhere in New Hampshire:
This link will bring you to the site of "Volunteer NH!  Strengthening Our Tradition" which offers information on volunteer opportunities statewide.

Mayor's Volunteer Recognition Committee:
The mission of the Mayor’s Volunteer Recognition Committee is to recognize Nashua’s volunteers and enhance the quality of volunteer programs while providing a supportive professional network for volunteer administrators.

The committee collaborates with over 40 volunteer agencies that work with 15,000 volunteers. These volunteers contribute nearly one million hours of service worth over $17 million to the City of Nashua each year.  

The committee also plans recognition events for city volunteers, especially in honor of National Volunteer Week.

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