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The Nashua Environmental Health Department recognizes mold as a public health concern. We provide technical assistance and advice to the public and other agencies; we also distribute current information and other resources regarding mold and moisture control. We do not provide mold testing, nor do we conduct inspections to determine mold contamination.

If you can see mold growth, or if there is a distinctive moldy odor present, you probably have a mold problem. Mold testing is not recommended, primarily because there are no standards to determine acceptable levels of mold growth. It is a better idea to investigate the problem area, look for moisture, and then to fix the moisture problem. Unless the source of moisture is removed and the contaminated area and/or materials are cleaned and disinfected, mold growth is likely to reoccur.

  • Keep home clean and dry
  • Clean and dry spills and floods within 24 hours
  • Dry out wet building materials and carpets within 24 hours
  • Reduce indoor humidity levels below 60%
  • Vent moisture from showers, cooking and dryers to the outside

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