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Vehicle Registration


When a non-resident has established a bona fide residence in this state, said resident shall have a maximum of 60 days from the date his residence was established in which to register his motor vehicle in New Hampshire. No motor vehicle registrations will be issued without proof of residency, such as a current utility bill, or lease/rental agreement, or postmarked mail in the last 30 days. You may also obtain a Notarized Proof of Residency letter from the City Clerk's Office.

The fees are based on the original MSRP of the vehicle, model year and month of birth of the registrant or assigned month to leases or business. This fee is paid at the City's Municipal Office located at City Hall, 229 Main St. (No person shall be issued a motor vehicle registration with outstanding parking violations(city or state), per RSA 231-130-a.

Any vehicle that is 15 years or older will require, in addition to the bill of sale, one of the following documents: a previously-issued permanent NH Registration; valid out-of-state title; or verification of Vehicle Identification Number (Form 19A) available on-line at

As current regulations hold the last owner liable for the costs of abandoning a vehicle, it is important to ensure that the State of NH is notified of any vehicle ownership change. This is accomplished by either applying for a new title or a new registration for the vehicle or notifying the State that vehicle has been sold. Although a bill of sale is required for either transaction, the bill of sale, by it itself, does not establish a change in ownership.   

New Hampshire is a title required state, and title to a motor vehicle must be proven before registration can be obtained. When the owner of a vehicle with a previous title from another state seeks a NH title for that vehicle, the owner shall have a NH title application completed and submit it to the Motor Vehicle Division. The owner shall surrender his out of state title to the State Motor Vehicle Department. Usually the registration is prepared by the City's Municipal Office at the same time that the title application is prepared, and both are submitted to the NH Motor Vehicle Department by the City's Municipal Office. Please note: that the only acceptable proof of ownership is the actual title. Photocopies or faxed copies are unacceptable.

When a lienholder is in possession of the out-of-state title to a vehicle for which title is sought in NH and where the ownership is unchanged, a NH title application shall be prepared by the City's Municipal Office or by the Financial Institution if there is a NH based location.  The applicant should bring in their purchase and sales agreement, current registration, current mileage, proof of residence and current ID to start the titling process. Upon receipt of the original title, a letter will be sent from the Title Bureau for permission to register. The letter and the blue Title Application that was prepared shall be surrendered to the Division of Motor Vehicles for NH registration and plates.

When the owner of said vehicle is entering NH from another country (Canada, Europe, etc.) and seeks a NH Title, the City's Municipal Office will require the current Plated Foreign Registration, a notarized Bill of Sale if applicable and the current mileage along with the following document:
Verification of VehicleIdentification (Form 19A) and Declaration Form HS-7

These forms are available on-line at and

The forms must be completed by an authorized agent before a NH Application for Title and registration can be prepared. Effective January 1, 2003 – No Certificate of Title need be obtained for any motor vehicle whose manufacturer’s model year is older than 15 years.



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