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 Nashua Fire Rescue 



 Mission Statement

It is the mission of Nashua Fire Rescue to protect life, property, and lessen the effect on the environment by providing effective emergency services related to fire suppression, emergency medical response, specialized rescues and hazardous materials mitigation. Nashua Fire Rescue will encourage all personal to take a pro-active role in reducing the impact of such emergencies by providing programs related to public education, risk reduction education, fire prevention, community relations, disaster planning, and operational training. All services provided to the city of Nashua and its mutual aid communities will be delivered in the most efficient and effective manner to meet the needs of our internal and external customers. 


Nashua Fire Rescue makes every effort to maintain current property contact information (current after-hours contact person, phone numbers, etc).  With large number of businesses within the City of Nashua, it can make maintaining a current database difficult.  If you are a business owner, please take a moment when you pay your property insurance and make sure you update your contact information with Nashua Fire Rescue.  For a PDF copy of the form, click Nashua Fire Rescue Emergency Contact Form.

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