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Important Snow Information

Update (November 27th, 2014, 3:30pm): American Red Cross & City of Nashua Opening Shelter In Response of the Winter Storm

The City is currently working to clear streets of snow and has all plows operating. The Office of Emergency Management is working with PSNH and our Public Works Division to identify trees and wires down on city streets. If you have a report of a tree down or tree into wires, please report it to us on Facebook ( or send us a tweet (@nashuaoem). This will help us ensure our first responders are aware of blocked roadways. To see our road obstructions map, click here: If your power is out, please report it to PSNH at 1-800-662-7764 or online at

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Assessment Appeal

Reminder: You are appealing your assessment, not your taxes.  Therefore, it is recommended that you pay your taxes pending your appeal to avoid having to pay accrued interest on unpaid taxes, however it is not required to pay your taxes to file an abatement.

The assessment appeal is a formal process that can commence following the issuance of the final tax bill.  An assessment appeal can be filed if you disagree with your assessment, the fair market value of your property. 

Generally, there must be either an error in the physical data of the property or the assessment must not be proportional to the level of assessment for all the properties within the City of Nashua.

The Assessor’s Office does not determine the total amount of taxes collected.  It is the assessor’s responsibility to find the fair market value of your property.  The amount of taxes you pay is determined by a tax rate applied to your property’s assessed value.  The tax rate is determined by all the taxing agencies, state, city, county and school, based on the funds needed to provide the services included in the approved city budget.

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