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WARD 1 VOTERS – Renovations have been completed at Broad Street Elementary School, so your polling location has moved back to the BROAD STREET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 390 BROAD STREET.

Effective September 1, 2015 those voters who do not show photo identification to obtain a ballot will continue to fill out a challenged voter affidavit, but will now be required to have their photograph taken. Please click on the following link and open the link entitled Voter ID Law-2015 for more information: | Elections and Voter Registration | Polling Locations & Ward Information

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Airports and Transit

Whether by road, by air, by rail, by water, by wire, by fiber, or by satellite, Nashua is designed to transport and transmit products, materials, people, and information quickly and safely. Fundamental to all successful business, commercial, and manufacturing enterprise is a high-capacity, well-designed, and well-maintained system of transportation infrastructure; and Nashua offers it all. Read more...

Nashua Airport


Community Development

Growth must be based upon a shared vision for the future. Growth management and understanding of community vision is a shared social, civic, cultural and economic responsibility between Nashua residents, neighborhoods, institutions, non-profit organizations, private land & building developers, businesses, corporations, the municipality, the state, and the federal government. Read more...

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