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Bike Mania has hit the city of Nashua! Come take part in this energizing trend on the Nashua River Rail Trail, a 17-mile bike path that follows the Nashua River from downtown Ayer, MA to the heart of Nashua. Click the link below for a detailed map of the trails and then jump on your bike and explore all the city’s trails for yourself!

Click here for the Nashua city-wide trail map.

Millions of Americans engage in cycling as a source of transportation, recreation and exercise. Here are some great reasons to consider cycling:

  • Cycling is such a healthy alternative form of transportation.
  • Cycling is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Twenty minutes a day cuts risk of heart disease by 50%.
  • Cycling doesn't wear out your knees and back like running.
  • Cycling is effective at reducing the risk of diabetes.
  • Cycling reduces stress, increases mental alertness and lowers frustration.
  • Cycling cuts CO2 emissions and is a practical way of doing something about global warming locally now.
  • Cycling also reduces noise and cuts down on need for more and more roads. It saves space, encourages local shopping, easy to find parking, gives children and teenagers transport, and cuts down on road traffic.

Visit the DOT's Bicycling Information Page for safety tips and other bike routes in NH!

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